March 3, 2017

Eagle CSO, in the panel of the Cloud Security for Life Science R&D webinar

Will Spooner, Eagle CSO, will be part the panel discussion of the Pistoia Alliance Debates webinar on 20th October, 3pm UK time.

REGISTER today, to hear from industry experts who will talk about the most recent data security cases like: Heartbleed, Russian hackers, Target, HomeDepot and iCloud breaches and how to take smart decisions when moving the cloud.

"Note: This is the first in a new monthly "Pistoia Alliance Debates" webinar series aimed at promoting frank and open debate around topical issues of the day. Subjects will be set three months ahead and notified on our website and via our regular email newsletter, "Innovation in Action". The series has been created by our newly established webinar members group."

Registration for the webinar is free, and can be done through the Pistoia Alliance Website.



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