March 3, 2017

Chef for rapid automated deployment of tranSMART

Over the past few years, tranSMART has become an increasingly popular and powerful knowledge management platform. Developed by the tranSMART Foundation, this open source software enables effective sharing, integration, standardization and analysis of heterogeneous data from collaborative translational research.

Although well documented, the tranSMART installation is a fairly involved multi-step process, as you would expect from an application of this kind. However, we have found that the Opscode Chef configuration management tool makes light work of deploying complex applications like tranSMART. To this end, we are pleased to share the “tranSMART Chef cookbook”, which is currently freely available to download from Bitbucket.

For an example of what the new install process now looks like, a tranSMART server can now be provisioned from scratch on the Amazon Web Services EC2 cloud using the single command (or similar);

$ knife ec2 server create -I ami-a73264ce -Z us-east-1d -f m1.medium -d ubuntu12.04-gems -x ubuntu -S /path/to/ssh-key -i /path/to/identity-file -r "recipe[tranSmart]"

A few minutes later and... ta-da!

Screen Shot 2014-01-30 at 13.50.38

Topics: Big data technology, Chef, tranSMART