March 3, 2017

CETC Personalised Medicine event features Eagle's Will Spooner


Will Spooner, Eagle's CTO will be one of two key speakers at the Cambridge Enterprise and Technology Club's 29th November 2012 meeting on "Genome, Personalised Medicine, and Biotechnology".

Joined by NIAB's Tina Barsby, Will will give a brief overview of where the industry is at and where it's headed. To quote from the abstract for his presentation, "In 2001 the complete sequence of the human genome was decoded. A short decade later, thanks once again to technology from Cambridge, the cost of reading a genome has fallen from $100,000 to just $1,000. As a result, and based on the vision that genomic medicine will revolutionise the healthcare of generations to come, many 1000s of genomes are now being sequenced. But the $1,000,000 question is this; how do we tap this incredible new resource without drowning in its prodigious data volumes? How will life science R&D embrace new delivery models in its urgent quest for a change in scale? What of the cloud? Of open innovation? This talk will present the ensuing opportunities from the perspective of a local specialist informatics company."

Will would be very happy to meet up with fellow delegates and discuss how the topics covered fit into the context of Eagle's bioinformatics services. In case you've not met Will before, you can find his photo on his LinkedIn account.

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