March 3, 2017

On the demise of gene patents: Can the NextGen industry finally look at the "naughty bits"?

A multiple-choice question for you; when sequencing all or a portion of an individual's genome, are individual gene patents (of which there are many 1000s) infringed upon by either A. the company providing the sequence, B. the company selling software to analyze the sequence, or C. the individual purchasing or requesting it? Next week the Intellectual Property Owners Association (IPO) are kindly offering the chance to attend a webinar to address exactly this question, for a consideration of just $100. However, in light of yesterday's US Department of Justice filing, indicating that individual genes should be inelilible for patents, there thankfully appears to be an additional option; D. none of the above. Those wanting a considered legal opinion on recent events are referred to the SCOTUSblog article. Coverage on the gene patent news from lawocracy; I was unaware that the NIH held gene patents itself! More at Patently-O, with an active comments section.

Topics: Bioinformatics, gene patents, genotyping, intellectual property, resequencing