March 3, 2017

Bioinformatics Workshop – From data deluge to delivering better crops

Eagle and NIAB are co-hosting a plant bioinformatics workshop at NIAB on July 9th.

Download the event flyer.

About the workshop

A one-day event especially targeted at the bio-based industries and researchers in the plant and food sciences sectors. The key objective is to understand the desired applications and existing barriers for managing, mining and utilising sequence data sets and in particular, from next-generation sequencing (NGS). An improved understanding of the challenges facing these industries will inform bioInformatics service providers on how best to adapt and/or develop new tools to facilitate the profitable exploitation of sequencing information from plants. The workshop sets out to prepare a framework to achieve the goal whilst also capitalising on publicly available resources.

Target Audience

The target audience is industry (plant breeders and processors), academia (plant scientists, biomedical researchers and computational systems biologists), public sector research institutes (plant science/agriculture – e.g. Rothamsted/ John Innes Centre/ John Hutton Institute) and policy/funding sector (BBSRC/TSB).


The event provides networking opportunities for delegates to make new business and research contacts. Eligible small to medium size business clients will have the chance to sign up and take advantage of the free NIAB Innovation Farm SME business assistance programme. Eagle staff will be on hand to engage with clients requiring bespoke one-to-one bioinformatics consultation services.

Full details are available here or download the event flyer.

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