March 3, 2017

Bioinformatics Survey - Preliminary Results

(CC BY 2.0)

For the past few days, Eagle have been carrying out an online survey of the bioinformatics community. The aim is to take a broad poll of the key bioinformatics disciplines, and approaches to their provisioning, both now and in future. E.g. how will bioinformatics react to the recent cliff-like drop in sequencing costs?

Taking the first 60 responses submitted to the survey, I prepared and presented a very preliminary analysis at the London BioGeeks February meeting. Before reading further I suggest that you take the survey first.

Note that we're not survey research specialists and the sample size is small, but I massaged the results enough to propose the following findings;

Respondents like to;

  • Develop their own bioinformatics solutions,
  • Using open-source software,
  • That's stable, reliable and published.

Respondents don't like to;

  • Outsource, or use commercial software,
  • Develop user-friendly, supported software.

This is exactly what you'd expect bioinformaticians to say, right? Absolutely, but it's hardly scalable, and, if you forgive my switch to cliff metaphors, unhealthy with the ground rushing up at 60m/s,. The one bright spot, parachute if you like, is the widespread acceptance of cloud's place in the future of bio computing. Here are the slides;

  Agree? Disagree? Why not take the survey and have your say!

If you would like to see the two videos of my talk click here.

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