March 3, 2017

And we're hiring... again!

It seems like the work just doesn't stop coming at Eagle, which means we need to keep on hiring new people to meet demand! Hot on the heels of our most recent recruitment round now follows an expanded search for more of the same - people who are multi-lingual (well, at least from a programming point of view!), and able to multi-task and adapt quickly to new technologies. Bioinformatics experience is absolutely vital as you'll need to hit the ground running, but we don't mind so much whether you're a Java or Perl person as long as you are able to rapidly pick up a good level of skill in both.

If you've got experience with Ensembl, eHive, or Taverna then that's a huge plus.

The job advert is linked to from this page on our website. Closing date is end of October, and we're looking for people to start before Christmas.

Update: deadline extended to end of December 2011.

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