March 3, 2017

4-Year Agreement with Procter & Gamble for Use of Bioinformatics Platform, eaglecore

P&G Global Biotechnology / Life Sciences Department to Benefit from Expanded Genomic Analysis Capabilities

Eagle Genomics, a bioinformatics–based company creating new opportunities with large-scale genomics data and data generation technologies for application to real world problems in healthcare, consumer goods, and the environment, announced today a signed 4-year agreement with Procter & Gamble (P&G) to fully deploy Eagle’s bioinformatics software platform, eaglecore.

eaglecore improves bioinformatics research to help accelerate the development of new products, including pharmaceuticals, consumer goods, food and beverages, livestock and crop development, and biofuels. eaglecore allows its users to integrate, tag and reference all of their research data in a single place allowing researchers to better use their data with new insights, and new developments.

P&G’s Global Biotechnology and Life Sciences Department will use eaglecore to help accelerate research of new products, organise their existing data, and integrate legacy data with more recent data for analysis across the company. The deal will see P&G take a 4-year license for an undisclosed sum, which will include additional data curation services. This agreement follows a long partnership between Eagle and P&G involving Eagle’s consultancy arm, which has been used to support past research.

Dr Abel Ureta-Vidal, CEO of Eagle said: “eaglecore is an extremely powerful platform and will have a major impact on P&G’s approach to their current research projects. By using our platform, P&G will able to better reference, manage and use all of their data to develop new insights and products, saving both time and development costs.”

Eagle Genomics delivers products and expert services to unleash the power of large scale data to real-world problems. Blending science, technology, and informatics, Eagle addresses key challenges in healthcare, food and consumer goods. Through its genomic data analysis platform and services, Eagle transforms business through genetic data insights.



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