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Yasmin Alam-Faruque

Open-source security

It sometimes happens in academic-backed open-source tools that what in any other industry would be glaring security holes are for some reason not considered important or worrisome. Simple problems such as the ability to upload and execute any..

Survey preliminary results

At the Eagle Genomics Symposium on Tuesday, our Technical Director Will Spooner presented preliminary results from the survey we ran in parallel with the registration process. Will is going to post a full analysis on this blog soon, but for now here..

Symposium success!

Well that went better than could be hoped for! The 1st Eagle Genomics Symposium ("Provisioning Bioinformatics For The Next Decade - Are We Prepared?") proceeded very smoothly with a wide variety of interesting talks and plenty of discussions and..

Amazon dedicated hardware

This morning Amazon Web Services announced Dedicated Instances which are normal cloud instances but running on hardware that is exclusive for the customer. In other words, if you start up one of these, there is zero chance of someone else in another..

Abel Ureta-Vidal

Cloud Computing Security - not risky for every system

While cloud computing is one of the top current trends in the IT industry, pharmaceutical sector (where the sensitive data is traditionally being protected behind corporate firewalls) has concerns about cloud security. Keeping aside the law and..


Did you know that in New Zealand, say the word 'Manchester' and everyone will think you're talking about bedsheets? Nobody will even stop to think that you might actually be referring to a large city in the North of England (which also just happens..

Security of open-source

Just a quick one today, being thoughts about how secure open-source software is. There's an argument that goes along the lines of it being less secure because hackers can read the source code and spot the vulnerabilities that way. That's not..

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