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Genomics, Pharmaceutical R&D and Healthcare: Are we there yet? webinar 11 December

As various genomics initiatives have promised to revolutionize healthcare for over 20 years, it is important to ask whether these have had the impact they were expected to make, and how we might take greater advantage of the technology available.

Eagle CSO, in the panel of the Cloud Security for Life Science R&D webinar

Will Spooner, Eagle CSO, will be part the panel discussion of the Pistoia Alliance Debates webinar on 20th October, 3pm UK time.

Abel Ureta-Vidal

A Sad Goodbye to Richard

With Richard’s departure to the Pistoia Alliance formally announced, we at Eagle just wanted to say a sad goodbye, and good luck to Richard in his new role.

Sequence Services Webinar Series (Eagle Genomics/Cycle Computing)

On 11th July 2012, 16:00, Richard Holland, chief business officer at Eagle Genomics, and Carl Chesal, director of sales at Cycle Computing, will present their Sequence Services Phase 2 implementation in an engaging, one-hour webinar.

It is a..

Pistoia Alliance Awards US$15,000 Prize in Sequence Squeeze Competition

James Bonfield of the Wellcome Trust Sanger Institute Develops Best New Compression Algorithm for NGS.

Eagle Genomics at BioIT World - Boston

On 24th April Eagle Genomics will be one of the three gene sequencing/technology consortia demonstrating cloud-based pilot platforms for delivering hosted NGS data services. The pilots were developed in response to an RFP issued last July by the ..

Will Spooner

Cloud will disrupt the outsourcing model

From time to time I read a paragraph in an article that chimes precisely with my own views. Although expressed more elegantly and succinctly than my own, such missives are admittedly self-affirming. Here's a case in point from Forbes' Joe McKendrick..

Pistoia Alliance Spurs Development of Next-Generation Sequencing Data Compression Algorithms with US$15,000 Prize

The Pistoia Alliance, a precompetitive alliance of life science companies, technology vendors, publishers, and academic groups, has launched the Pistoia Alliance Sequence Squeeze Competition to find the best algorithm for compressing next-generation..

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