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Eleanor Stanley

To be, or not to be, a drug target gene

I have a drug target gene (or gene list) and I want to do a preliminary investigation to learn more about my gene and gene products of interest. But where do I start? Which genomic, biological or bioinformatics resources should I use? There are..

Will Spooner

The secret to efficient data processing on HPC/Cloud

This post reveals the secret behind Eagle's uncanny ability to rapidly develop and deploy highly efficient, flexible data processing pipelines on virtually any HPC infrastructure including Cloud. And the secret's simple; the secret (back to..

Using Data Hubs in Ensembl to display your organisation's genomic data

Configuring Data Hubs in Ensembl

Using data hubs in Ensembl is a great way to view preconfigured tracks displaying internal (or external) genomic data. There is no need for each user to upload their own data. Nor is there any need to do complex..

What is bioinformatics?

What is bioinformatics? Where did it come from? What does it do and what is it used for? I decided to try to answer these questions as part of a series of blogs explaining how bioinformatics is applied in different life science sectors: plant and..

Collaboration with EMBL-EBI on Ensembl

Eagle Genomics Ltd has signed a collaboration agreement with EMBL Enterprise Management Technology Transfer GmbH (EMBLEM), acting on behalf of the European Molecular Biology Laboratory’s European Bioinformatics Institute (EMBL-EBI) and the Wellcome..

Ensembl 60 top tip #1

Ensembl 60 came out yesterday. For those of you who are technical developers like us who do in-depth hacking of the source code, there's two things that have changed which you need to be aware of:

Importing Ensembl into Amazon RDB

Ensembl very kindly distributes their databases on Amazon as public datasets in a variety of forms. The most straightforward to use is the set of MySQL database files that can simply be copied into a MySQL server's data directory and they will..

Bio-IT World Europe 2010 slides

Here are the slides I just presented at the Cloud Computing Workshop at Bio-IT World Europe 2010 in Hannover, Germany. Other speakers included Dave Powers from CycleComputing, and Glenn Proctor from the EBI, both of whom presented very interesting..

European Conference on Computational Biology, Ghent ( ECCB10)

In a couple of weeks I shall be attending the ECCB10 conference in Ghent. I have just been reading through the talks and needless to say it looks interesting. I shall be presenting a poster this time, on "An Ensembl-based pipeline for microRNA..

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