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Bioinfo-C and the merits of open-sourcing

I write this post in two simultaneous states of mind. On the one hand, I know the author of the new Bioinfo-C project and am happy that he and his employer have chosen to open up their work in this way. On the other, I find myself wondering if he..

Fraxinus - a gamer's review

One of the top UK news stories yesterday came from our friend Dan Maclean at the Sainsbury lab over in Norwich - some of you may remember him from his presentation at our second symposium in 2012. Dan and his collaborators have developed a..

Eagle presenting at O'Reilly Strata conference

Will Spooner, Eagle's CTO will be speaking at The O'Reilly Strata Conference in London on 1st -2nd October. O'Reilly Strata is a conference which brings together the best minds in data to explore the opportunities made possible by the latest..

Outsourcing of Big Data Analysis

"Many large drug companies have decided that big data informatics are not a core competency, and have elected to outsource this as a service" says David Shaywitz in The Atlantic

Will Spooner

Eagle Genomics' symposium 9th abstract

The last abstract of one of the talks which will be held at our 2nd Symposium: "The Next 10 Years of Genome Content Management" on 29th March held at Cambridge, Babraham Research Campus. Special thanks to Paul for stepping in to fill this slot after..

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