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Did Bioinformatics Free the NIH Chimps?

Last month saw the news the NIH is retiring most of its chimpanzees used for research. The NIH will retain up to 50 chimpanzees for future research, but will retire more than 150.

Abel Ureta-Vidal

Did Mystic Eagle get it right for 2013?

At the end of 2012, Richard Holland, our Chief Business Officer, made a series of predictions about what would happen in 2013. With the end of the year fast approaching, we take this opportunity to look back and see how well our resident..

Illumina tries to patent bioinformatics in the cloud

I'm no patent lawyer but when a colleague passed me a link to a patent application from Illumina which appears to lay claim to having invented the concept of analyzing biological data in the cloud, I couldn't help but wonder what on earth they think..

Bioinformatics is escaping life sciences and infiltrating everyday life

While the bioinformatics revolution is well under way in life sciences, it is slowly making progress into the consumer sector, with companies now adopting the same approach to improve a range of consumer products. Whether in the fast moving..

Top 12 reasons you know you are a Big Data biologist

In our occasional series of guest blog articles, we are proud to present a piece on the topic of big data in biology, written by C. Titus Brown. This article has been reproduced from the original with his permission.

Marie Curie Fellowship student placed with Eagle

In September, Om Kulkarni joined Eagle for a six month placement as part of his Marie Curie Fellowship. I asked Om a few questions about his research interests, why he chose to work with Eagle, and what he is hoping to achieve over the next six..

Eagle upgrades its ‘Elements of Bioinformatics’ #egelements table

New updates allow users to directly link to scientific sources

Cambridge, Tuesday 10 September 2013: Eagle, an expert provider of bioinformatics software and services across a wide range of the life science and other sectors, has upgraded its ‘

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