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Four things every sequence analysis pipeline should do

Titus Brown writes a good blog, and so I am surprised that I didn't spot his December 2011 post on "Four reasons I won't use your sequence analysis pipeline" any earlier than I did. So, somewhat belatedly, here is my response to his excellent set of..

Storage at a glacial pace

Amazon's announcement of its new Glacier storage service last week was a great example of a company listening to the needs of its customers then acting accordingly. I should have blogged about it already, but was waiting to read up on the details a..

Hadoop in scaling up biological data analysis projects

In the Bioinformatics world, we are all familiar with such phrases: “as sequence entries in the major genomic databases currently rise exponentially”, “the explosion in volume of genomic data”, “as biological databases grow larger”, “dealing with..

Who owns Big Data?

The NY Times ran a May 21 article entitled "Troves of Personal Data, Forbidden to Researchers" in which its correspondent discussed the twin thorny issues of size and ownership/privacy of data. Both factors can play a role in making the source data..

Will Spooner

NCBI phase out the SRA, bail from the data tsunami

February 14, 2011 / 1 Comments / in Big data, Bioinformatics, Open data / by Will Spooner

Apologies in advance, but the analogy is too tempting to pass up... Here is the scene; the sun is setting over a glassy sea. A surfer starts to paddle as the waters stir, accelerating as the wave builds to three or four times their height. The..

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