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Cloud BioLinux paper published

About 10 days ago BMC Bioinformatics published a paper entitled "Cloud BioLinux: pre-configured and on-demand bioinformatics computing for the genomics community" (Krampis et. al.). Two of the co-authors, Tim Booth and Brad Chapman, are long-time..

Glenn Proctor

Native Amazon workflows for bioinformatics

Today, Amazon's Simple Workflow Service (SWF) was launched in beta mode and marketed as "a workflow service for building scalable, resilient applications".

Will Spooner

Cloud will disrupt the outsourcing model

From time to time I read a paragraph in an article that chimes precisely with my own views. Although expressed more elegantly and succinctly than my own, such missives are admittedly self-affirming. Here's a case in point from Forbes' Joe McKendrick..

Cloud TCO

An interesting article from Forbes on calculating the true cost of using the cloud in your projects (thanks to my colleague Will Spooner for spotting this one). I won't spoil it by summarising here, instead here's the link so you can read for..

Glenn Proctor

Tools for testing REST applications: REST-assured and Chrome REST Console

Recently I've been writing an application which both produces and consumes data via REST. It's been a while since I've done anything like this, and of course the tools and technology have moved on. I wanted to share a couple of useful tools that..

Will Spooner

Ensembl and AWS: an Industrial Perspective

The excellent AWS Case Study on Ensembl is of particular interest to us at Eagle, not only because Glenn Proctor has since joined us as Principal Consultant, but also because we also have extensive experience in deploying Ensembl on EC2.

Will Spooner

A new map to help understand plant gene function and evolution

A paper published in Science today (29th July 2011), presents the first large-scale protein network map for a plant species. It is hoped that the map will help efforts to functionally characterise unknown proteins which account for 60% of all genes..

Top stats tips from Ewan Birney

In a blog post on GenomeInformatician, Ewan Birney from the EBI lists everything the average bioinformatician should really know:

Apple cloud?

Apple announced the iCloud today, or at least admitted it was working on a cloud idea. What it might involve is unclear - will it simply be iTunes in the cloud (SaaS), or some kind of cloud-hosted app environment (PaaS) or a fully-blown Amazon-style..

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