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Will Spooner

Answering Complex Scientific Questions

Can I reuse my data ?

As data scientists are fond of telling us, data reuse reduces time to discovery, promotes cost efficiency and ultimately leads to discoveries that would not otherwise have been made. Can organisations currently reuse their..

Will Spooner

Ensembl comparative genomics resources

Evolution provides the unifying framework with which to understand biology. The coherent investigation of genic and genomic data often requires comparative genomics analyses based on whole-genome alignments, sets of homologous genes and other..

Eleanor Stanley

Linking cancer genome resources, ICGC, TCGA and EGA.


In recent years science has moved rapidly from identifying the first genes involved in cancer (1) to characterising entire cancer genomes (2). These advances herald our understanding the molecular basis of this entire..

Janice Moyon

Eagle shortlisted in IP100 League from Metis Partners

February 17, 2016 / no comments / in Announcements, In the press / by Janice Moyon

Eagle Genomics has secured a position in the IP100 League for 2016. The IP League was created by Metis Partners, and ranks UK companies based on their IP assets and value.

Raminderpal Singh
Raminderpal Singh

The problems of information management in life science research

How do life science organisations manage their experimental information and what problems do they face? These are complex questions to answer and it is worth looking at how the information is managed from the individual level (simple case) up to..

Yasmin Alam-Faruque

Eagle Genomics Hosting Breakfast Roundtable at Precision Medicine Congress 2015

July 22, 2015 / no comments / in Announcements, Blog / by Ivan Karabaliev

Eagle Genomics is a Gold Sponsor and hosting a breakfast roundtable at the 2nd annual Precision Medicine Congress, a two-day event on 14-15 September 2015 in London, UK.

Glenn Proctor

Life Sciences in the Cloud: Everything Changes, All The Time

Earlier this month I gave a talk at the Amazon Web Services’ (AWS’) “Cloud Computing and Life Sciences” event in Cambridge, UK. Eagle Genomics is an AWS Consulting Partner, and it’s great to be invited to speak at events like this because it..

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