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Anthony Finbow

Eagle Genomics: Return To Where It All Began

March 10, 2017 / no comments / in Announcements / by Anthony Finbow

Eagle Genomics has established its European headquarters in the Biodata Innovation Centre at the Wellcome Genome Campus. The company moved in July 2016 after 7 years at the Babraham Research Campus. For Eagle Genomics, which was founded in 2008..

Eleanor Stanley

Accelerating Data Discovery with Freedom from Fear

March 8, 2017 / no comments / / by Eleanor Stanley
March 8, 2017 no comments by Eleanor Stanley

Information security provides freedom from fear and cyber attacks. To achieve this peace of mind, controls need to be put in place to protect all physical and information assets, services and data provided by and to clients. Eagle genomics have..

Janice Moyon

Eagle Genomics will be at Festival of Genomics London

Eagle Genomics is the award winning software company helping life sciences companies bring new candidate medicines, therapies and products to patients and customers at vastly reduced cost and time.

Glenn Proctor

How we hire - part 3: The interview

January 11, 2017 / no comments / in Blog, hiring, interview, jobs, process / by Glenn Proctor

In previous posts in this series, I gave an overview of how we hire and the job advert. So, the advert’s been out for a while and we’re getting lots of interest and applications. It’s time to select some of those people for interview.

Glenn Proctor

How we hire - part 2: The job advert

December 21, 2016 / no comments / in advert, Blog, hiring, job / by Glenn Proctor
December 21, 2016 no comments in advert, Blog, hiring, job by Glenn Proctor

In part 1 I outlined some of the things we do when hiring new people to join the team at Eagle Genomics. Now let’s look at some of the things that I think about when writing a job advertisement.

Eleanor Stanley

Timesheets - why ?

Keeping track of time spent on projects and assignments should be easy, no fuss. So why does this task meet resistance?

Eleanor Stanley

What can ChIP-seq data tell us?

Gene expression is tightly regulated and controls the development and maintenance of cells within all organisms. Misregulation of genes can cause adverse effects, for example in humans this could contribute to the initiation and progression of a..

Janice Moyon

Webinar - Information Architecture for the Genomics Era

Global R&D organisations have increased their spend on data integration initiatives to drive product innovation (drugs, companion diagnostics, personal care) or accurately predict phenotypic traits (disease susceptibility, patient stratification..

Glenn Proctor

How we hire - part 1

November 2, 2016 / no comments / in Blog, hiring, interviews, recruitment / by Glenn Proctor

Depending on when you read this blog, we may well be hiring - please check our jobs page for the latest vacancies.

Chef and DevOPs at Eagle

In my day to day work at Eagle, all of the projects I work on need tools installed. Bioinformatics tools infrequently come in one simple bundle and sometimes the dependencies can be vast and platform dependant. Here at Eagle we embrace the..

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