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DBCLS BioHackathon

In February 2008 I attended a BioHackathon held at DBCLS in Tokyo to work on semantic data in open-source bioinformatics toolkits. My role at the time was to represent BioJava along with my erstwhile BioJava colleague Mark Schreiber, and the two of..

Debian Ensembl update

Eagle's DebianMed contribution of a fully-working .deb file to install Ensembl is almost complete. The demonstration version 57 contains only minor issues now that need to be resolved before it can be released through the Debian package management..

Abel Ureta-Vidal

Eucalyptus has now a serious competitor

I discovered in this article by Joseph Forn that Eucalyptus, the well known open source infrastructure software to establish cloud environment, is in fact not 100% open source. The story goes that a code contributor, namely NASA, using Eucalyptus..

ProServer Das, Ensembl and EC2

If you use the ProServer DAS server with some Ensembl-based adaptors ( maybe you want to server data from Ensembl, or maybe you have genomic data and want to serve it with some extra annotation that is in Ensembl ) then you may  have come across..

Will Spooner

Coining "Genome Content Management"

The services that Eagle Genomics provide are pretty simple, right? Support of open source bioinformatics software following the model of typical commercial Linux distros. One criticism that we often hear is: "Most molecular biology groups have..

BioMart 0.8

BioMart will be previewing their new 0.8 version during a dedicated workshop at GMOD Europe 2010.


It seems that in the world of bioinformatics, the concept of outsourcing work to third-parties (except where the third-party is an academic collaborator who will do the job for free!) is still in its infancy and so projects that involve this..

UK Next Generation Sequencing Conference in Nottingham

Well it has been a busy first day of the UK Next Gen Sequencing meeting.

Abel Ureta-Vidal

Genotyping/Resequencing in clinical trials?

I've been to a couple of seminar series in the last month that had something or partly to do with clinical trials data management. The first one was on July 13th 2010 at Granta Park, Cambridge UK. The seminar was the occasion to announce the launch..

Cloned cows

August 6, 2010 / no comments / in Bioinformatics / by Richard Holland

Whenever I'm lucky enough to get tickets, I go to random recordings of BBC Radio shows. Last night I snagged two tickets to the recording of the last in the current series of Radio 4's The Now Show, which is a humorous romp through the week's news..

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