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Abel Ureta-Vidal

SaaS (Software as a Service) a blessing for bioinformatics users?

In these tough economic conditions more and more organisations are looking for ways to reduce their operational and maintenance costs. Businesses are turning towards SaaS (Software as a Service) model because they no longer have to worry about..


Did you know that in New Zealand, say the word 'Manchester' and everyone will think you're talking about bedsheets? Nobody will even stop to think that you might actually be referring to a large city in the North of England (which also just happens..

Will Spooner

On the demise of gene patents: Can the NextGen industry finally look at the "naughty bits"?

A multiple-choice question for you; when sequencing all or a portion of an individual's genome, are individual gene patents (of which there are many 1000s) infringed upon by either A. the company providing the sequence, B. the company selling..

SSL and Tomcat

A purely technical post this one, because it gave me such a headache this morning trying to figure it out and realising that nowhere was all this written down in one place.

Will Spooner

Importing Ensembl into Amazon RDB

Ensembl very kindly distributes their databases on Amazon as public datasets in a variety of forms. The most straightforward to use is the set of MySQL database files that can simply be copied into a MySQL server's data directory and they will..

Public or Private Cloud, or maybe Hybrid?

Last week I noticed that a new world record had been set... and I'm afraid I'm not talking about the common wealth games, but rather about another advance in private cloud computing. The record was set ( or rather reset, as they already held it ) by..

European Conference on Computational Biology, Ghent ( ECCB10)

October 15, 2010 / no comments / in Bioinformatics / by Nick James
October 15, 2010 no comments in Bioinformatics by Nick James

Here is the poster I presented at the European Conference on Computational Biology in Ghent a few weeks ago. It describes our ensembl-based analysis system for predicting novel miRNA from next generation sequencing data.  We will make the VM freely..

Installing PlasMapper

Yesterday I found a strange thing - a piece of open-source bioinformatics software that only needed minor tweaking before it would run. Top marks to the authors, although they might like to read the following to learn how they can make it absolutely..

Will Spooner

Public personal genomes; open-access, open-source, open-ended?

Over at Genomes Unzipped yesterday, 12 named individuals, molecular biologists in the main, released their genomes into the public domain, generating some press interest. These exponents of molecular naturism are the latest in a growing line,..

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