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Catherine Kidd

Microsoft Genomics ventures into the microbiome with Eagle Genomics

  • Cambridge technology innovators partner with Microsoft Genomics
  • Microbiomic research into immune disorders and antibiotic resistance
  • First microbiome partnership for Microsoft


Catherine Kidd

Eagle Genomics Lands Co-Sell Status as Part of Microsoft for Startups Programme

September 4, 2018 / no comments / in microsoft, partnership / by Catherine Kidd
  • Co-sell partnership to provide unparalleled access to Microsoft’s Enterprise customers
  • Eagle Genomics solution enables assessment of viability, efficacy and safety of enterprise branded products
  • Driving digital reinvention of life sciences using..
Catherine Kidd

Eagle sponsoring the Skin Microbiome Congress

We're sponsoring the 2nd Skin Microbiome Congress, to be held in San Francisco on the 12-13 September.

Chloe Eyre

Celebrating 10 years of Eagle Genomics

July 24, 2018 / no comments / in anniversary / by Chloe Eyre
July 24, 2018 no comments in anniversary by Chloe Eyre

Last week, staff and friends of Eagle Genomics celebrated the 10th Anniversary of the company!

Eagle Genomics was founded in 2008 by Abel Ureta-Vital and Will Spooner amidst growing opportunities in genomics and ‘big data’, enabled by next..

Craig McAnulla and Chloe Eyre

How does your microbiome affect your body odour?

There are an estimated 1000 species of bacteria that make up the skin microbiome. Every day scientists are discovering new ways the microbiome affects the functions of the human body, and have found it even influences whether our sweat makes us..

Catherine Kidd

Eagle soaring at 10 years

This week we're celebrating Eagle's milestone 10th anniversary.

Catherine Kidd

3 reasons why your company should be exploring the microbiome

Microbiome innovation will influence trilion-dollar markets across multiple industries. Organisations are recognising the potential of this new frontier for innovation, make sure you do too!

Yasmin Alam Faruque and Chloe Eyre

Are there differences in microbiome datasets?

The amount of data in a microbiome dataset depends on the location of the sample taken from, for example a human subject or environmental location under research. The graph below shows differences in the number of species within a certain site of..

Chloe Eyre
Catherine Kidd

Eagle CEO joins BIA Genomics Advisory Committee

Our CEO Anthony Finbow has been appointed Vice Chairman of the newly formed BIA (UK BioIndustry Association) Genomics Advisory Committee. The committee has been established to support the strategic objective that the UK starts, scales and builds..

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